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Aneini (Sruli Ginsberg)

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Reviewer: Malky

My opinion on “Aneini”

Hi all!

This is the first time that im writing up a report on a tape and I hope I will do a good job, cuz I’m not the best writer but I am a big fan of JM so I don’t think it can be too bad.. Right?

A new British singer on the market, a great singer with a great future. A confident singer, just what we need. I just wonder why there isn’t a picture of him on the insert, Id love to see him. Anyways on to the songs.

OK here goes

1. Chaim

A fast lebedige song composed by Yishai Lapidot with his typical yet original lebedige style. Great job on the intro, lively music, drums and all. Excellent musical background effects, it has a nice ending too. And a very good song to start a tape. This song is gonna be a hit and I can imagine hearing it at weddings. Ill rate this song a 9.

2.Lumu Sishon

A beautiful slow song. Another one of Yishai’s compositions, though I’d never guess that he composed it, I’m used to Yishai doing fast, lebedige, tempo songs. But it is a very nice song and you can hear how Sruli puts his heart and soul into this song, and this is gonna be a nice wedding song. Although I don’t usually go for slow songs, this one is different, it’s just too beautiful. The only thing I don’t like about this song is the other ppl doing mmmmmm’s in between, otherwise it’s a great song with a beautiful intro and nice musical background effects. Ill rate this a 10.


The second I heard this tape, I knew it must be one of Lipa Schmeltzer’s compositions. He has a certain way of composing songs, which I call “short stops” he does no more than 2-3 words per line, and stops abruptly. Great intro with the drums But I wouldn’t put this song amongst my favourite ones, it’s nice and fast and Sruli does a great job on it. But I’m not crazy over this song. Ill rate it a 7.5

4.Velo Omar

A great lively song composed by Yossi Green. Great lively intro as usual. Excellent Musical effects. This is my second favorite song of this tape. It’s quite fast, lively And good. Sruli comes through very clear on this song, and it’s got a nice ending too If there is too much to add you keep quiet, I’ve got nothing more to add to this songIt’s just too good. I’ll rate this song a 10.

5.Zeh Hayom

Another song composed by Yossi Green. It’s got a good intro. I’m not crazy over this song. It’s not too fast and not too slow. And it sounds a little too typical. But again Sruly brings out the best in it, with his great voice he can make any song better. It does have some nice music in between. But I wouldn’t rate it more than a 6.5

6. Limos Hamoshiach

In my humble opinion, this is definitely the hit song of the album. The intro is just rocking. The song for itself is lebedig and full of tempo. And by this song you can see what a great composer Sruly himself is. Besides for his great voice which just rocks in this song and comes through very powerful and strong. When he does the high part, the Boi Neshir, It sounds a lot like Avraham Fried, which is one of my favorite singers (I know that most of you will disagree with me on this point but you actually don’t have to agree, I am just voicing my opinions, I like A. Fried better than: yes…… MBD, I know that MBD is THE king of JM but I’m not crazy over him and I usually wouldn’t go for a tape of his.) Anyways back to our song, I can hear this being sung at weddings as well. I have no complaints on this song. The only thing I would recommend is that the position of this song should be changed with the first song on the tape. It’s my favorite song. Lively musical effects. Ill rate this song a rocking “12”


Another beautiful slow song composed by the famous Pinky Weber. It has a pretty nice intro and again you can hear with how much heart and feeling Sruli sings it. I wouldn’t say that its depressing, music dosent depress me. But makes me in a better mood and this song can also do it even though it is a slow and very moving song.Nice music in between and nice ending. But in NO WAY would I say that this is another or a substitute of Racheim. I’ve come to the conclusion that NOTHING can replace Racheim. Racheim is just very unique and original. It is in a way similar to Racheim as its composed by the same person but yet it is unique and different. Again this is just my humble opinion and you don’t have to agree with it at all. But it is a beautiful song and very emotional. I’ll rate it a 10.

8.Lehagid Baboiker

This song makes me laugh. It is so different than all the other songs on this tape, but again for a tape to be good we need a taste of everything. This song actually comes from Munkatch, but it’s not something special. Just a plain old typical song. And he sings it the heimish way too so it sounds even more heimish. It has a nice intro though and nice music in between. And I like the men singing. It’s got a nice ending to it too. Ill rate it a 7.

9.Adon Olam

I This is a very interesting song composed by Sruly Himself which makes it unique since he didn’t compose any other songs except for Limos Hamoshiach. It’s nice and slow with a nice intro and nice musical effects. But somehow this song sounds very radio-ish. I don’t know if it’s the way he sings it or the way the men sing in the background. But it looks a little radio type. Anyways it’s still pretty nice. And I would rate it an 8.

To sum it all up. This is an excellent, lebedige, tape and that’s why I like it so much. Id much rather go for fast lebedige songs than slow ones. A slow song has to be very nice that I should like it. I don’t know if you realized but on every song I wrote that the intro is great and it takke is. And a lot of times the intro can make all the difference in a song. When I hear an intro that doesn’t look too nice, I don’t even bother hearing the rest of the song. I just fast forward it. So it makes a lot of a difference and this is what makes this tape so good.

So whoever did not go out and buy it yet. Go right away. I recommend it to everyone who likes lebedige songs. I think it’s quite a hit album.

Sruli You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!!


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