Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Biglal Avos (Shlomo & Eitan Katz)

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Reviewer: Shani

i've been meaning to do this for a while, since not too many of you have this album. Being that some of you will see Eitan perform motzei shabbos, i figured i'd get it out now...so now you'll have an idea what to expect i guess. i won't be there, i'll be in ny I"YH 5 days after the concert- talk about frustrating! oh well such is life- i guess it wasn't meant to be... anyway…

This is an album for guitar fans...if you like guitar and you haven't heard this, check it out, cuz this is one for you. if you're not so into guitar and you haven't heard this, check it out anyway, cuz there's a lot here that you still might like. And anyone else who has heard it or owns it, please feel free to add corrections and thought/comments.

The thing to remember about this album is that its a combination of the efforts of two brothers- which is a beautiful thing. The songs were composed mostly by them- 5 by Shlomo and 3 by Eitan- and they both play guitar on it, so aside from a few other people (co-producer Josh Young), this is largely the work of their hands.

The insert happens to be pretty nice. there are pictures of them in the background, with the songs over them...there's a pic i guess of them when they're little...pretty cute! there's also more pictures on the back.

Another thing that got me was that even if i wasn't too enthusiastic about a particular song- the harmonies pretty much made up for that, so that there is pretty much something to like in each song.

oh yeah, and there's 'a very special guest appearance by Avshalom Katz'- piano and keyboard.

keep in mind this is all my opinions....here goes..

1. Biglal Avos- Biglal avos toshiya banim v'savi geulah l'vnei v'neihem...this one was composed by Shlomo and Eitan together...no question my favorite song on the cd- apparently others agree. It starts out with the high part, then goes to the low- all the words are sung in both parts. one of the fastest songs on the cd, but really not that fast. Points for the catchy tune. This is the first and only one i heard Nachum Segal play (until the interview), i was hooked right away. awesome song, good music...this one's an 11/10.

2. Asher Bara- Shlomo's composition...kinda carlebachy, but a lot of the cd is...maybe cuz of the guitar? no intro in this one, the music and singing start together. not so my speed, but again, this is just my opinion. i'll give it a 7.

3. Koli- composed by Eitan. possibly my favorite slow song on here. He sings it kind of soft, with feeling. one of the more mellow tracks... this one's an 8

4. Ka Ribon- tied with #8 for my second favorite song...i like songs w/ longer lyrics, not just a few words repeated. points for a fun, beaty intro, sounds like bongos. This is one of the more upbeat, faster tracks. full 10

5. Kol Dodi- interesting word mix, starts w/o drums, slow, mix of lyrics- kol dodi hinei zeh ba from shir hashirim, then eishes chayil mi yimtzah, oz v'hadar l'vusha from mishlei. This one's also slow, and a little more plain than the other ones- points off. 7

6. Hinei-Shlomo. singing starts kinda slow but gets a little faster- it's one of the more upbeat and fun songs. points off for too short lyrics IMO...hinei lo yanum v'lo yishan shomer yisrael...repeated throughout, with a 'Ribono Shel Olam' in the background at some point...but the song isn't too long so its ok. 7

7. Haisa- composed by Rabbi Boruch Chait...heres one for you shael :) from tehilim i dont think ive heard another song w/ these words...haisa li dimasi lechem yomum v'layla, v'omar aili kol hayom ayai elokeka. This is another slow one, sung kinda like #3. no drums as far as i can hear. ok for a slow song. 7

8. yedid nefesh- eitan, second fave w/ #3 It's kind of a slowed down fast song- thats what came to mind when i was thinking how to describe it...i dont know the terms- what kind of song it really is, etc. very nice 10

9. Shuvi Nafshi- by Eitan...probably the longest one, it's over 6 minutes. To me this one sounds kinda dveykus-like, so its kinda different than the other slow songs, maybe better. second favorite slow song. 9

10. Chemdas Yamim-Reb Shlomo Carlebach. points for a creative intro...its sounds like square dancing. A Carlebach tune all the way. It's beaty and kinda jumpy...i can't really think how else to describe it. 8

11. Ki V'simcha- by Shlomo. kind of slow-paced, you hear mainly guitar. An appropriate one to end the cd. 6

if i added right, thats 90/110-- not bad at all...Eitan feel free to correct or add anything. everyone have fun at the concert!


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