Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Chevra

Artist’s web site: The Chevra.com

Album can be previewed/purchased at Mostly Music.com

Reviewer: Gedaliah

I know the Chevra's been out for two and a half months, but personally, I've only been listening to it for 4 weeks. So, this is my rave review on the Chevra:

Remember after Sukos we had a discusion about who like techno etc, and I said I hated technno and used Yisroel Baruchov's Dance It as an example. The reason for that was that Dance It is ALL techno and I didn't like that style. The Chevra, however BLENDS techno (and they don't overdo it) with proper music and it makes it alot more enjoyable.

The singers have great voices and are very talented. No-one strains on high notes and the harmonies are superb. They blend together really well. I think the trademark of The Chevra is "nananananana" which appears on almost evry song.

The compositions are very good. Credit goes to Eli Gerstner and Dovid Nachman.

Ok, here my takes on the individual songs. I'll rate them on a scale of 1-10:

1. Yehay Shlomo: A great start to the album. Each member has a solo and then a harmony before the music starts. Lots of harmony in this song, which is what I like. THe music, on the other hand, is a little TOO techno, therfore I'm only rating this song a 9. The tune is very catchy and is a geat first song.

2. Shema Koleinu: An ok song not my favourite. Harmonies are ok, tune is ok, theres not much to say about it. 7.

3. Uvaruch: This and Vayitein are probably my worst songs on this album. There's too much techno, I don't like tune very much and it ends too abruptly. 5.

4. Mi Bon Siach: The thing i like about this song is the tune; it's gorgeous. Eli Gerstener sings a lot on this song and I don't really like his voice that much but's it's good anyway (the song, not the voice). The acapella arrangement on this song is very nice too. 8.5

5. Ki Malochov: Aaaahhh a CA-LEEEEP-SO song! Mama mia! I like this song a lot as I do with other calypso songs like Avraham Fried's Tantz and D'veykus' Hamedaber. The tune is great; I wonder what kind of dance Yossi has thought up for this, a Mexican Samba?? Great song again and it gets a 9.

6. Shoma Hashem: My favourite song. The acapella at the beginning is beautful and there are so many harmonies that's why I like it so much. The tune is pretty good too. The one thing I don't like about it is that faint techno beat after the acapella which seems to take forever followed by the real drumbeat which also lasts a bit too long. Otherwise, it's great! 9.5

7. Vayitein Befi: Like I said before, I really don't like this one for reaons stated "l'gabei" (regarding, next to) Uvaruch

8. Zochreinu: Pretty good, I like the kid soloist, the tune is pretty good but not amazing Nice harmonies. 7.5

9. Ken Yehi Ratzon: This song is unique. I actually like the techno parts of it. The "Ken Yehi Ratzon" part is pretty boring but the "bizchus etc" part is great. I really like when they're in the middle of the song and they say "biz--" and suddenly there's thunder sound and it stops. Then they continue on a higher note. I like it. 9.

10. Lev Tahor: An ok song; it sounds like something else but i can't place it. Good slow song with good harmonies, but not as good as Mi Bon Siach and Shoma Hashem. 7

All in all, it's great!!!


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