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Eftach Pi (Yehuda!)

Artist’s web site: Yehuda.org

Album can be previewed/purchased at Yehuda.org or Mostly Music.com

Reviewer: Gedaliah

Gut voch peoples. As I promised, I am reviewing Yehuda!'s latest album.
Let's get right into it. The songs are very good; the fast ones are very lebedig and the slow ones are genrally very nice with great harmonies. But the thing that really deserves commendation on this album is the music. Yehuda! arranged ALL the music and you can clearly see the talent this guy has. The music is very sophisticated, a mixture of digital music and real instruments. In comparison to the previous album Kol Yisroel Chaverim, the singers sound a lot more 'into' it and they seem to be enjoying what they are singing, which is always a good sign. One of the problems here however, is that certain songs, especially the slow songs, resemble other songs, or songs on the same album. The weird thing about it is that most of them have different composers. Maybe it's the way Yehuda! sings them?? I don't know.

And now for analyses on each of the songs or Eftach Pi B'nituach:

1. Eftach Pi composed by B. Puloni/Yehuda!
I really like the music on this song. It's jazzy with cool horns and a samba beat. It also contains words from Reshus L'chassan Torah which I don't think has been sung before. Point for originality. Vocals are good, harmonies are good etc etc I particularly like the intro music which is repeated a few times throughout the song. 9/10.

2. Vehoair Eineinu composed by Pesach Woznica
When I first heard this song on yehuda.org, I knew I had to buy this CD. THis song is really beautiful; kal vachomer the harmonies!! My mother heard this song and wanted to know if it was D'veykus (that's a compliment). What more can I say, this song is amazing. 10/10

3. Mi Chomocha composed by Pesach Woznica
This song is gr8! Surprisingly, I like the techno bits and the whole song is very lively, modern disco, very Yehuda!ish. I particularly like the percussion interlude in the middle of the song. There's an electric piano part that I know I have heard before in the goyish music world... 9/10

4. Acheinu composed by Yehuda!
This song is OK, not brilliant, sort of a typical slow song; the kind of thing you'd expect from Dachs or Wald. Not much else to say.. 6.5/10

5. Eliyahu Hanavi composed by Peretz Katz
This song is cool! It has a beat that I haven't yet been able to identify; sort of a hard reggae (I'm probably off on that). I don't like the techno intro; it's weird. But the rest of the song is great. the tune is really good. The first part, Eliyahu Hanavi etc sounds almost exactly like the goyish song "That's the way uh huh uh huh I like it uh huh uh huh" for those who are familiar with that (don't know who sings it). There's a really cool three-part harmony at the beginning of the second round. Overall a whopping 8.5/10

6. Yehi Shalom composed by Yehuda!
This song is sort of a letdown. The initial tune starts off really nice but as soon as the sax comes in I suppose I could call this song "Kol Yisroel Chaverim the second". The harmonies are kimat the same and the Hashem Oz part is mamish a carbon copy. This is weird because Zale Newman composed Kol Yisroel and he produced this album... Anyway, it's a pity because the first part is really good. 7.5/10

7. Keitzad Merakdim composed by Zale Newman/Yehuda
Nice calypso chasuna song. Music is cool especially the horns. Vocals are pretty good too. Just btw (and this is the didkduk freak coming in) it is gramatically incorrect (I think) to say "Kalla NoEH" becase NoEH is Zachar (MBC says it like that too) It should be Kalla No'OH (how D'veykus pronounce it). Overall 8/10

8. Mi Bon Siach composed by Yehuda!
This song was written for his kalla and debuted at their wedding, so the CD insert says. The song is very romantic and fits the occasion perfectly. The music is very climactic and I can imagine it being played at a chupa. The tune is really nice. 9/10

9. Kah Keili composed by B. Puloni
Pretty good song, I like the oriental intro and interlude. The beat's good too. Tunes nice,THE WHOLE TIHNGS NICE! although it sounds a bit like Mi Chomocha. Overall 8/10

10. Im Eshkachech composed by Y.C. Bloch/Menachem Shiner
I don't know why this song isn't clicking with me yet. The tune's pretty nice but it seems to be lacking something, I don't know what. the harmony's good though. It sounds similar to Mi Bon Siach and Yehi Shalom. Overall 7/10

11. Shema Yisrael composed by Malkiel Avraham.
This song's in Ivrit. It's ok but it's basically conveying the same message that all the other English/Ivrit songs do: "We've been in Golus for 2000 years. So let's stand united so Hashem will send Moshiach now." I know that's what we pray for every day and it's an integral part of our lives, but it's sort of run of the mill. The lyrics are creative though; very poetic. 7.5/10

12. Shir chodosh composed by Yisroel Boruchov
This is the same song as on All Star but with different arrangements. The beginning is drawn out a bit too long but otherwise I like it very much. Cool tune and I think it's a better version than the one on All Star. 8/10

Overall the album gets 98/120. That's pretty good. Let's hear it for Yehuda!!

Yoish I've been rambling for ages. Have a gut Voch


Esgor Pi.

Reviewer: Leah

My initial impressions:

The first song (Eftach Pi)is okay, not so great in my opinion, but it might need some adjustment time; we'll see.

The second (Vehoair) is very nice and original, until the end when it gets very electric guitarish.

Mi Chomocha, #3, is a little weird, but it is upbeat and adds into Adar's simcha...It sounds like a lot of his other fast songs.

Number 4, Acheinu, isn't available, but I heard a clip on mostlymusic under the wrong title. It sounded like a few Acheinu's mixed, yet nice. All Acheinu's are nice. It remains to be determined how good it is until I've heard the song in its entirety.

Eliyahu Hanovi is number five, and is also very upbeat. It has the sounds of his album Oh Yerushalayim. His voice is also synthesized here. It is completely different than the rest of songs with these words. Another one that will take time getting used to. BTW, I happen to like slower songs better. It's kind of funny that he includes the lyrics "Maiofeila L'orah" two songs in a row.

The next one is Yehi Shalom, currently unavailable, but until I hear it I'm gonna bet I'll still like Shalsheles's version the best. We'll see...AND, my friend's bringing me Shalsheles 2 at the same time she's trying to get me this album, so maybe I'll have both at once. :)

Kaitzad, #7, is very "weddingish" (I like using the suffix "ish" a lot!)I like this fast song. It is a ton of fun. It stopped abruptly, but I think that's his site or my player, not the actual song; it was too abrupt.

~side tangent: the cover is cool/kewl and different than his rest. maybe he has another designer.:)

Mi Ban (another wedding song, not that he got married recently or anything :) ) and Ka Kaili are blanks for now waiting to be filled in. So is Im Eshkachaich.

Eleven is Shema Yisroel. Starts off jazzy. I have the feeling he likes the jazz feel. It isn't in English; it is in Hebrew. They just provided the translation. It's ok cuz I like trying to translate Hebrew (without cheating) on my own. So it'll be fun listening to it. I did it with Dedi's Ten Lanu Tikva. But I digress...I DO like this song. A lot.

And the final song Shir Chodosh is on mostlymusic under another heading (Acheinu?), but other than that I don't know much about this one.

K, that's my two cents for now.

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