Tuesday, August 24, 2004


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Reviewer: Leah

1. Yeish Sheish: The words are from the hakdama of Minchas Hachinuch (not made up), and are very original to sing to. The point is to be thinking of these things constantly, and the catchy tune ensures we'll be able to. YS also does a really coll voice thing at the end with his "ooohhhhh" (you gotta hear it to understand). I don't generally like "rocky" songs, and in all fairness I give it a 7.

2. Hallelu: Second tune I know to these words, and while Yehuda!'s was pretty, this is different...nice but fun. The drums are cool, almost like they skip a beat before striking, and the sound effects are also nice. In addition, YS sounds great in background vocals and again does Yehuda!-style variations to the tune toward the end. This is worth an 8.

3. Ana Melech: All I can say is gorgeous! The instrumental intro., the tune, the singing, everything about it is just magnificent. The words are taken from Friday night, and the song sticks in my head. Only complaint is inconsistency in his grammar (plural or singular) on the jacket, not in the recording. What can I say...I'm a stickler for detail. All in all, it's a 9.

4. L'chai Olamim: By far, the most fun song on the tape. Funny, I don't remember Avraham Ben-Tzion, only YS himself and Yehuda Leib. But they sound great together, and it's the only lively tune I've heard to these words thus far. Great..an 8.

5. Young at Heart: What can I say? Extremely well-written, powerful in a mellow sort of way (paradoxical?), instruments are really beautiful, but I don't seem to catch the tune quite right without the tape. My father calls it 1978 country (i.e., very pop-y), but I don't see it. Still it's definitely a 9.

6. Yigdal: I really enjoyed the tune from the demo, but I was disappointed when I heard the real thing. It's too techno for my liking, and the background sounds akward (screaming while whispering? almost like he's talking...). I'll have to settle for a 5.

7. Im Eshkochaich: Really nice, tune, harmonies, his flute-playing..but a common posuk which is not YS's style. Therefore, I think he wrote it mor for himself based on his feelings, than for a marketing audience. Very sincere. I think it deserves a 7.

8. Aizeh Hu: Really nice words from Pirkei Avos, not generally used, but a very strong lesson. Fast, but catchy. This also is a 7.

9. Shidduch: WOW! The words are gorgeous (yes, I've got them memorized). YS's brother's piano is so incredibly beautiful along with the vocals, harmony, tune, music. I love this song. The only 10.

10. Achas Shoalti: For some reason, this reminds me of Aspaklaria's tune, but this is much more traditional. Nice in general, and nice to end the tape...another 8.

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