Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Yeedle IV (Yeedle Werdyger)

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Reviewer: Mindy

I must say that this the FIRST time I am BLOWN away by a solo artist album. I generally do not invest in solo artist albums. They bore me very quickly. I like group acts, all stars, mixes, etc. Solo artists – the tape has to be absolutely fantastic for me to invest in it. After hearing so many clips on Jewishbroadcast and Nochum Segal I decided to risk fifteen bucks and get it. I was NOT disappointed. This is one of the best buys I made this year.

I like EVERY SINGLE song on the CD. The musical arrangements are also ingenious and creative. Very unusual. This is NOT your typical album. I think it’s a masterpiece and highly recommend it, even if you’re not a Yeedle fan. Yeedle’s voice has improved a lot as well. It’s not so sandpapery anymore and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

My FAVORITES are: Yismach Yisroel and A Gehoibene Zman.

Individual comments:

1. Im Tachaneh – I like the digital effect in the middle of the song for a minute. Great tune overall.

2. Shimu Utchi Nafshechem – Never in my life have I heard a song like this one. The piano effects are something amazing. I am trying to put my finger on it and come up with some kind of description or name for such a kind of piano intro, but the correct terminology escapes me at the moment. Jem, can you help me out? The message of the song is beautiful. It’s not your typical and boring slow song. I hope Yeedle will perform this song with his guitar live, because I feel the message it brings across it timeless. The interlude is done by an unusual instrument, perhaps an accordion? Very haunting and beautiful. The piano intro sounds like something you would watch in a film or hear in the background in a play or something – a thoughtful, suspenseful kind of music.

3. Yismach Yisroel – my second favorite on the CD. I LOVE the beat, the tune, and the words are so original. I hope this will become a popular song. Very upbeat song. I love the way Yeedle sings this very low and very high at the same time.

4. HaNeshama – after my previous rant against Ivrit songs, you’ll be surprised that this is one I really like! Although I STILL don’t understand the words at all, the tune is nice and smooth, and the music is nice as well.

5. Emor Me’at – I like this one very much! Yeedle has something for pirkei avos, he always includes some mishna from pirkei avos in his tapes, and his does a great job on this one. I hope it will become a hora song at weddings. Many different modern music styles are incorporated in this one song, including rapping. Very neat and different song.

6. Chadesh Yomeinu – slow song – nice – if you are a slow song fan.

7. Beni – I don’t’ understand why there are two slow songs one after theother. It’s a nice mellow song, with MBD singing part of it, and Zeidy Dovid and little Chaim Lazer singing almost inaudibly the ‘lei lei lei’end – but it’s nice to have a ‘4-generation’ song.

8. I need You. 3 slow songs in a row? I don’t really care for this song too much. Ken Burgess’s songs are all very similar, and this time it sounds like a love song directed at the Ribono Shel Olam. Not my kind of English song.

9. Boruch HaBo -- the ‘spinning radio dial’ is VERY cool – I like the idea, and it’s very different. The song itself is very nice as well. I expected a more rocky song after 3 slow songs in a row, but it’s good. The digital effect is real cool.

10. Laufer’s Niggun – nice chasidishe niggun – not crazy over it.

11. A Gehoibene Zman – beats me why such a lively song would be all theway at the end. This is my all time favorite song off this album. The concept is unique, the tune is amazing, and the words are great. It’s so sweet hearing Yeedle in an aidel chasidishe Yiddish…. And it’s also funny to note that his ‘name’ is in the song -- * yetz ken a yeedle baiten alles vus er darf *…. Lol (now a Yid can ask for anything he needs)

12. L’chu Neranano – nice mellow way to end the album. Maybe another guitar song for him. I feel that this tape has it ALL – nice slow mellow songs,thought-provoking songs with a message, and some really lebedige rocky dance tunes. I am amazed how fluent and comfortable Yeedle sounds in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. I think this is the first album to contain songs with in all three languages (aside from Loshon HaKodesh as well). And as Perry had written in one of her first posts way back in September, this album was dedicated to the helicopter crash victims, which ironically enough, is the day this message board was founded. Anyway it’s a really good CD!

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Blogger Andrew B. said...


My name is Andrew. I came upon your weblog and I thought I would add a really great Israeli artist to your list...

He goes by the name of Subliminal. Believe it or not, but he is a rapper in Israel. He raps in Hebrew about life in Israel and the constant threat of terrorism.

He has 2 albums out with a 3rd on the way. One album is called "The Light and the Shadow" and the second iss called..."The Light of Zion".

If you have a chance please check him out. He really is great...and I do not care for "hip-hop" that much.

He makes you proud to be a Jew.

August 24, 2004 at 8:39 PM  
Blogger Andrew B. said...

Oh I forgot to tell you...Subliminal's real name is Kobi Shimoni...(he's of Tunisian and Persian background) Did I mention he's Jewish? :)

August 24, 2004 at 8:43 PM  
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Blogger Claudia said...

Could you please help me to get the words of the Song "Yismach Yisroel"!!

October 15, 2009 at 12:59 PM  

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