Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Yeshiva Boys Choir

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Reviewer: Shloime

Eli gerstner and yossi newman have done an unbelievable job with this choir. They sound great and yossi newman has done an amazing job conducting this choir. the arrangments are great which were done by eli gerstner. the music is spectacular, yes people spectacular and i mean that. i dont think i am going to go far and say they sound like the old school miami boys choir but if your a fan of miami boys choir, which i know half of this board is, then you will no doubt love this album. The soloists are not like the miami boys choir soloists but as a choir they sound awesome.

1) Kol Hamispalel- composed by Eli Gerstner

fast song- A great song to start off with. The songs starts off with a trio which sounds great and is very catchy. The music is nice and not to rocky which is good for this song but you can hear alot of guitar in the background, way to go Avi Singolda. The first soloist, Yehuda Leib Saks who has a solo on every song, sounds great. The secong soloist, yaakov mordechai gerstner, has to get credit because his voice is sooooooo cute. the girls are gonna faint over how cute his voice sounds. This song makes you just want to get up and dance and smile. Overall a great and catchy song.

2) Shir hamalos- composed by eli gerstner

slow song- Very nice music, starts off soft, then builds up and Y. L. Saks has a solo. all the soloists on this song sound wonderful. Whoever has the first high part in the song does an amazing job because he goes very high and it sounds amazing. The duets that are on this song sound beautiful. The engineering is done so well because the music is just right but you can hear every note and every instrument and you can hear the choir and the soloists very well. The music ends off with the piano, done beautifully.

3) Yiru- composed by yossi newman

fast song- I thought that Kol Hamispalel was going to be my favorite song but as i listened to this song over i think i am going to have share with this song. It is very jumpy, the music is amazing with the drums flying, this makes you dance like crazzzzzzzzy. and the choir and soloists sound awesome. i just wish the song could of been a little longer. Great song for yossi newman to start off his great talent with.

4) Gam ki elech- composed by eli gerstner

slow song- Typical eli gerstner song. The music is once again done well. The choir sounds great with the harmonies done well too. The words go very well with the music. Once again the duet between the kids sounds great. sounds kinda like old school miami b.c.

5) Malochim- composed by yossi newman and eli gerstner

fast song- the music starts off Piamenta style with guitar then flute. then we get everything else in and it just takes off. The words are great, meaning that the angles from above and the people of israel are gonna come together and say "Holy". The word "Yachad" is sung alot in the chorus and is done very well by the choir. The soloists sing the song very well. Then you have Y.B. Gerstner again and he sounds even cuter then before, if thats possible. you have to listen to this kids voice to understand what i am talking about.

6) Adon olam- composed by yossi newman

fast song- Another great song by yossi. it kinda sounds like a slower version of the one on the simcha song album. but anyways it is a nice song. The soloists make this song sound great. harmonies sound nice and Avi Singolda sounds amazing once again. the music makes this song unique.

7) vhu k’choson- composed by yossi newman

slow song- The intro just like every other song on this album is great. this song is my least favorite on this album but the music is still nice. i just cant see these words being sung slowly. its about a choson rejoicing so this to me has to be with fast and pumped up music. Eli gerstner sings on this track.

8) V’al Ken- composed by eli gerstner

i dont know how to describe this song but its alot of fun to listen to and to sing. Has alot of "Badabababab Badabababa" ;). great song. Once again, Y.B. Gerstner has a little solo finishing off the song making you laugh out loud, sounds awesome.

9) Elokai- composed by eli gerstner and yossi newman

slow song- Y.L. Saks starts off the song and sings wonderfully like every other song hes on. The high parts he hits flawlessly, its sound awesome. Also joined with Gershon Poss sound great together.

10) Tehilas Hashem- composed by eli gerstner

The music is techno done by Eli Yonah with alot of playing around kinda sounding like a benny kton song. im not into that and would of liked if it was regular jewish music because it would of sounded awesome with this song. i could just imagine it with regular music and it would of been great. The song is still nice to sing around teh shabbos table and is def going to be sung at my table this shabbos iy"h.

i said last week that i think eli gerstner songs would go over well if they were sung by a choir and it looks like i was right. yossi newman also contributes alot of his great talent and he does a wonderful job. i hope this choir goes far and does well. Ok people, let me hear what you think ;). if i missed anything im sure Mindy will fill it in.


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Blogger chaiki said...

Hi, I have the tape yeshiva boys choir and its really beautiful, its great, I love it!! Yakoov mordechai gerstner, has really a verryyyy cute voice and yehuda leib saks also sounds gr8!! everybody sound gr8!! he sings soooo cute, I really really love it!! I went now chol hamoed sukkot to your choi and I really enjoyed it!! I hope to go next time again!!
keep on going foward.....hatslacha!!
love, chaya

October 28, 2004 at 3:14 PM  
Blogger Akiva Avraham said...

It's a good album. I was amazed of how R' Yossi Newman did. I always thought he just plays music at simchos. I never knew he would make an album. I always see him playing when there's a simcha or Chanuka mesiba. My brother was in his choir, and I thought, Cleveland? Famous? It'll probably be one of those music CDs that will be sold in bookstores, and not very popular. I was totally wrong. Once I heard Eli Gerstner came to town, I go: "WHOA." and become speechless. And I still am. What do I say? What should I say? All I know is that it's a great CD. And R' Newman, continue working on that 2nd album!

December 9, 2004 at 10:40 AM  
Blogger A.K. said...

I think The Yeshiva Boys Choir is excellent. I just bought the DVD of The Yeshiva Boys Choir and I really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it or been to the concert you should get it. It is awesome. Definetly well money spent.

December 22, 2005 at 5:30 PM  
Blogger MichaelC said...


The boys are great. The support system however sucks.

June 14, 2006 at 1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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