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Shloime Daskal - Kedai

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Reviewer: Shloime

Even though this is not his first album that he has put out, to hear him sing songs composed by yossi green (your the best), pinky weber, moshe laufer and shloimy himself is a big treat. His voice is superb on every song and he shows you his amazing rang throughout the album.
The music is great and hes got 2 arrangers with 2 different orchestras which is cool. When he sings, hes just so much fun to listen to and you just have to smile :).

1)Sholom Rov
composed by Pinchus Weber

The song starts off in a way that you just have to get up and dance, kinda like music to swing dancing. He sings the song so well with the music which makes the song.
He starts off singing so nicely and then when he starts going high its awesome. the music and the choir is done very well which enhances the song. at the end he hits the last note vey high and so nicely.
Rate: 8

2) Chavivin
composed by yossi green

This song is vintage Yossi Green. Favorite slow song on the album, prob favorite song of the year. I am a big yossi green fan and he is showing us that he is not slowing down with his amazing compositions with the words from the holy one being unique and touching the Neshama. The music is amazing and played so well. He starts off the song so nicely and just throughout the song his voice is very smooth.
the second time around he sings high but with such control, he sounds really good and you can feel the words to the song. the whole song just flows so well with Shloime singing amazing. He ends the song off very well, Chavivin Yisrael. Thank you again Yossi Green, your the best.
Rate: 10

3) Bizchut Rabbi Shimon
composed by yaakov daskal and lipa
lyrics by shloime daskal and lipa

This song is so much fun to listen to. Shloime sounds the best singing this type of fast song, namely a wedding hora :). I like how he pronounces "Bizzzzchisssss". Once again the music is done very well. i can just imagine it rocked up some more, wow it would sound great. def going to be played at weddings very very soon. the choir
sounds great and he Shloime sings harmony so well. you can hear how he gets into the song and has fun with it.
Rate: 10

4) Ad Mosai
composed by Pinchos Weber

Kinda like a racheim start to the song. He gets you asking Ad Mosai right away? ;). When he sings the chorus hes just so pleasant to listen too. the chorus fits in so well and he sings harmony with himself amazingly. He ends the song crying and sounds good doing it lol.
Rate: 9

5) Modim
composed by Pinchus Weber

Another Hora in the making. This song took me a couple of listens to love it but the point is i love it. He may say modim anachnu loch a little too much but once you get into the song its fun. he switches off with the choir singing, which sounds great. I love it when he starts singing high. he just ends off his high notes very smoothly. i
like it when he sings high " modim anachnu lo a lo laaaaaaaaach". he ends off with a nice high note.
rate: 7

6) Kdai
composed by Yossi Green

Once again only words with the Aibishter's help that Yossi Green can come up with. If i had a choice of who to give this song to sing from Fried, MBD or Daskal, this song i would def give to Daskal. I like Fried and he would prob sing this song very well also but when Daskal sings high he just does an excellent job. I like when he goes high better than fried but i still like fried alot. Daskal shows you he knows how to sing and which style to choose for each song. gets a little fast towards the end which adds a little flavor to the beautiful song. Def growing on me.
rate: 8

7) Brider
composed by Avrumi Weiss
lyrics by lipa

I have no idea what he is saying but it sounds awesome. all i can make out is chicago, lakewood, monroe, bnai brak and brider. the guitar is all over this song and sounds nice. If someone can explain to me this song that would be helpful, Thanx.
Rate: 6

8) V'ata Yisrael
composed by Pinchus Weber

Shloimy shows you his Chazanish side in this song. the choir sounds great and Shloimy sounds even better. goes into a little Tantz later on and SHloimy gets you into it.
Rate: 7

9) Yodei bagoyim
composed by Shloimy Daskal
Child Soloist: Ahron Halevi (the kid continues to be on albums :)

He can also compose beautifully, what a talent. Very nice words. i love how the songs flows and he just knows how to sing and flow with the song low and high. he ends off high so nicely.

10) Dai
composed by Moshe laufer

Although i would of loved to hear an Eli laufer composition, this is good for a final track. He gets you singing Dai Dai Dai, dancing also.

Shloimy Daskal knows how to sing and gets you dancing from the start. Go out and get your cop, you wont be dissapointed. Cant wait to hear much more from this mentch.


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